Thursday , May 13 2021

Mymensingh food "poisoned" student death, sick 100

Rescuctor Pranesh Chandra Pandit of Phulpur Upazila Hospital said the student had died during treatment at Mymensingh SK Hospital on Wednesday.

"The student died because of food poisoning."

The deceased was identified as Riyad Hasan, 17, son of Rafiqul Islam, Walki village Tarakanda upazila.

He is a Class VIII student of Jamia Arabiya Ashraful Uloom Ballya Madrasa in Fulpur Upazila.

Madrasas Muhtahamim Maulana Law Uddin said, "The students were fed with chicken meat and anchoring bells at night. More than eating food, everyone is sick.

"In a critical condition, 15 people were sent to Mymensingh SK Hospital. The team has come from Fulpur Upazila Health Complex for treatment of others."

Sa. Pranesh Chandra said, after receiving the news, a team of three doctors was sent to Madrasa. Dispatched if required.

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