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Mystery, accusations and excitement about doctors' death

Rajan Karmakar Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) Assistant Professor Death Question to another. Rajan Karmakar (39) killed the name of the doctor's mother, brother and staff, he complained.

Raising allegations that Rajan was killed, protested his relatives and villagers against the road in Noakhali village. Their claim was that Angina Rajin's wife Krishna Majumder. Krishna himself is the assistant professor of BSMMU, his father Food Minister Sadhan Majumder.

According to the city's Square Hospital, Krishna was rushed to the hospital on Sunday morning while he was hospitalized. Rajan and Krishan colleagues were split into two parts, Rajan's death was normal or unusual. After the complaints, the police restored the body from Square Hospital and sent it to the morning house for autopsy. However, the police said there was no stain in the victim's body. At night, Rajan's mother, Sujon Karmakar, filed a complaint with Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Police Station. Minister Sadhon Majumdar and his daughter Krishna Mojumder were also wounded yesterday as well as two hospitals in the cabin along with the same doctor.

Rajan and Krishna couples lived on four floors in a building in Indira Road behind Square Hospital for three years. The security staff in the building said the couple would not have been allowed to rent regularly, but the couple did not. And after choosing the father of Krishnan, they became smaller here. Md. Yunus, a security worker, said Rajan entered the house on Saturday night. After 15-20 minutes after returning half an hour later. At 15:00, Krishna Majumder came with a large jeep in the house. The car is known to the security staff as the & # 39; s car & # 39; (used by Krishna's father). Go to the top of the stairs by moving the driver down.

About three and a half called the Krishna car driver brought to his car and quickly asked someone to go up with another. The driver told the security workers to go up and said to lift the lift. The driver went to Yunus Rajan's flat and saw Rajan lying on the floor. Krishna cried and said: "Why is it so?" Krishna will rush to take Rajan to the hospital. Yunus and the driver, the doctor took the naked body of Rajan down and took him to the elevator and handed him to the car. Then they went to the hospital.

Rajan's flat walk from Square Hospital is 10 minutes long. The death certificate from the hospital is written at the time of death, four in the morning. It was mentioned before his arrival that he was dead.


Rajan Karmaker's father Sunil Karmakar and mother Khuku Rani Karmakar were both school teachers. They are currently retired Rajan was the older brother of two brothers and a sister in the family.
Rajan's death required & # 39; planned murder & # 39; and protested against the road in Noakhali's Begumganj and demanded his justice. Rajan's relatives and people from the village protested and the human chain. They blocked the Choumohani-Maizdi highway at. 17.30 Sunday. Many vehicles were caught on both sides of the road. After the Begumganj police station came to the site, the neighborhood was lifted after approx. one hour.

Under the human chain and the road blockade, Rajan's mother, Khuqu Rani Karmarkar, came to the house from the adjoining house and demanded the attempt at "murder." He fell down on the road. Meanwhile, the slogan's slogan required justice by requiring Rajan Rajan to be killed.

Mother's accusation:

Rajan's mother, Khuku Rani Karmakar, said at first that Saturday night, her sister-in-law Krishnan's phone arrived in her mobile phone on Saturday. Krishna said to him with an angry voice: "I will feed you and your son a prison." Khuku Rani then called his son Rajan. Rajan said, "Mom, you quit. Don't say anything & Rajan said this because he cut the phone. Then he didn't get the phone by phone. Later at four in the morning, the news of Rajan's death came on his younger son Rajib's mobile phone.

Rajan's younger brother Rajiv Karmakar said that at about 4 o'clock in the morning he called his brother-in-law, Munni, and said, "If anyone is in a relative's home, send it to the hospital." Then Munni gave the phone to their relative Rajesh Majumder, who told Rajib about the death of his brother.

Rajan's mother and brother said on February 16, 2016, Krishnan is married to Rajan's family. Since then, they have started their marriage conflict. Krishna's hand on Rajan's hands Approx. A year and a half ago, Rajan must be admitted to the hospital after being severely beaten by Krishna. Then he had to take the ICU.
Khuku Rani Karmakar argued that his son's wife planned his son to kill him. He wants justice.

Split colleagues:
Rajan was an adjunct professor of BSMMU's Maxillofacial Surgery Department. Colleagues said he had called Maxilophysial Surgeon. Members of the Bangladesh Dental Society, the organization of dentists in the news of his death, also gathered a crowd in Square Hospital. Krishna Majumder Assistant Professor of Surgery Institute on the other. His colleagues also collected crowds at the hospital after Rajan's death. Two colleagues differ from Rajan's death.

Secretary of the Bangladesh Dental Society and Principal of Dhaka Dental College Humayun Kabir Bulbul Square told reporters in the hospital that they suspect Rajan could be killed from the past. Then they demanded a fair investigation. And since Rajan, since the traditional religion is performed once, the body's autopsy is not possible.
Again, some of Krishan's colleagues in the hospital demanded that at least no doctor should suspect Rajan's normal death process. Square Hospital gave him certification of normal death. Rajan's body was brought to the morning in the evening after he was taken to bed, gathered Rajan and Krishan colleagues, doctors and family members. Tensions also arise in the morning house. After the police went to check the situation.

Maxlofficial surgeon Rajan sat at a private hospital next to the BSMMU. Assistant Professor of Maximocephalic Surgery by BSMMU Mir Nawazs Ali Ali said in the first light that on Saturday night Rajan and his operation at Al Masar Hospital in seven mosque roads together. From 11:00 to 11:00, Rajan left the hospital in the car.

A doctor who was reluctant to disclose the name of the hospital, known to both Rajan and Krishna, said that on Sunday morning, she spoke to Krishnan in Dhanmondi at her sister's sister's house. When Krishna shouted cry, Rajan came home in midnight Monday. Krishna (food minister) examined the blood pressure. Rajan doesn't eat at home. At one point of sleeping at night, Krishna received no response from Rajan. The blood vessel had no pulse. Krishna Majumdar's cell phone provided by BSMMU's telephone directive tried several times and received no reply by sending small messages.

The case is being processed

In the afternoon, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar police inspector (investigation) came Abur Kalam Azad and some officials and detained Rajan's body. After the investigation, the body was sent for autopsy.
Abul Kalam Azad said that on the basis of allegations of family and colleagues, they send the body for autopsy. Passengers will also be sent to the death of the visa. However, no suspected damage marks were found in Surayat's body.

Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Police Station Officer, Jana Alam Munshi said in the first light that Rajan's uncle filed a complaint with Sujan Police Station. Where he complained that he had doubts about Rajan's death. But no one has given the name as a suspect. For this they are Rajan's autopsy. A case is being processed. But it is not clear whether the case is filed at night.

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