Wednesday , November 25 2020

Paley was a series like Messi? Q.Betts coach

Football Club Barcelona has crashed 4-1 on Real Beti's grounds. The result of the match is similar to how well Catalan played But Betti's dominance throughout the match was But Lionel Messi has lost one. The little magician has destroyed them alone. He had scored three goals, he was also in the second goal.

Against Barcelona, ​​bettis that Chetia has dominated the game, turned out to be a statistic. Only 43.9 percent of the balls in the match were on their legs. This was their worst performance since 2004-05. Although the ball is in front of the match, but the loss is due to betisake Because football is a goal game. Messi did that by showing incredible style.

And Messi's superhuman performance, wondering how Betti's trainer was: "I've never seen a player like Messi in football history. She's been doing it for the past 10 years. I don't know if Messi was consistent or not?"

In the 18th minute of the match, Barcelona went ahead with Messi 's shotshots. The second round gets the first half added. Messi finished off with Luis Suarez and scored the goal. The third goal, however, is credit for Suarez, Uruguayan scored the best goal by converting three defenders from the center. But their fourth goal was incredible. Messi has been the target of chips from 18 meters away from Racquetic. Messi Messi shocked the stadium at the stadium. He stood by himself and greeted him.

Messi has played a large series in the last decade. He won five balloons at this time. Europe's top scorer scores five times There are also many titles, including four Champions League titles.

Messi goes well ahead of the current tournament. He scored 29 goals in this match. And four times at the same time from the freak. And the other hat trick All in all, the Argentine did the 51st hat-trick in its career. Among them is 33 in laliga. Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo scored more than a hat trick

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