Tuesday , May 18 2021

Real Madrid coach Solarii until June 2021 – bdnews24.com

In a statement on the club's website on Tuesday, the club authorities confirmed the case.

On October 29, Hulen Lopez was declared a temporary coach, while Solaris was responsible for Real. The Club of Madrid has won all matches, so far all four matches win.

Before the 42-year-old coach picked up, Real has become very good during Real in the last five games in La Liga just one victory. In Copa del Rey, the third ranked club, Melia, begins with 4-0 goals in its field. After losing Real Baidalidad to the home team in the league, Spain's most successful team won 5-0 goals in Victoria Plzen in the Champions League. Last Sunday they beat Selta Vigo in La Liga 4-2. It's the club's best start in one of the new coaches in its history.

In these four matches, the ball was sent 15 times in the opponent's net. On the other hand, only two goals have melted.

Real Madrid has four points behind La Liga, behind the Real table.

And in the Champions League Group's G group, the champions are on top with 9 points from three matches in four matches. AS ROMAR points are equal to Real; But Italy is in second place in the match.

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