Wednesday , August 4 2021

Sachin Tendulkar's name was first heard in India

Cricket legend Kevin Bellford with Tendulkar File Image

Haiti striker Kevin Belfort has played in 2016 for the Tendulkar-owned team Kerala Blaster. Currently 26-year-old striker plays Abahani Limited in Jersey.

Tendulkar is a living legend in the world cricket. Little Master fans spread all over the world. But the name Tendulkar was unknown to football player Kevin Belfort. He first heard Tendulkar's name in 2016. It is also the owner of Tendulkar Club. Indian franchisee football ISL's name is owned by Kerala Blatterers. Haiti's football player Belfast plays in Bangladesh at Abahani Limited's shirt. He spoke to the club at the club, he knew first and romance about him.

Haiti national team striker Belford has named the name in 2016. After arriving in India, the media asked him how does the little master feel like owner? But what is the little master again who is again! Belfast eyes rattling on the internet. The owner of the club is superstar, legendary legend! At Abahani Club he heard the funny story of Tendulkar in the first light: "At the time of playing in India I was asked about the little master. But I do not know him yet. little master, a big star, but when I first came to India, I heard Tendulkar's name.

Cricket is not a known game in Haiti. There is nothing wrong with Tendulkar or not. But after talking about Tendulkar he also made another kind of charm, he said: "There is a big star, but there is no arrogance in him. Very hot mixed with everyone. From coaching staff to coaching staff, everyone would have sought. "Bellfort scored three goals in 15 games for the team.

Bellerft participated in three matches in Haiti in the 100-year-old Copa America tournament in the US in 2016. The Haitian star stole 138 minutes in three matches in the Copa. He scored 49 against Brazil, 70 against Ecuador and 19 minutes against Peru. In 2010, Abhishek made it to Haiti. 40 goals played 14 goals Of these, 4 goals played in 13 matches in the World Cup. There is also a goal against Bolivia and South Korea in the international friendly match. The admirer named Abahani has scored.

But the Bangladesh phase is not going very well. Bashundhara Kings, the beginner, was flying from Haiti to make him become a team. In preparation for the battle against the Maldivian champion New Redant in Nilphamari in Bashundhara jersey. But Bashundhara's Spanish coach Oscar Brajune did not give his opinion when he left him Bashundhara. Abahani then hurried to the team. Meanwhile, the Akashi-Niles Federation Cup won the title of Jersey. In the end, he scored a goal in a 3-1 goal win against Bashundhara and Belford scored. But the Premier League match has not yet met the goals.

Have come to Bangladesh with the experience of playing in India. He knows the difference between football in both neighboring countries, "There is no professionalism in football in Bangladesh. People's interest is very low. When I was in Kerala, I couldn't get out of the street for followers. Everyone wanted to take pictures. no football anymore. & # 39;

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