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Tannery owners do not have a hand in the price of leather

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<p dir=First Light: The prices of leather offerings have fallen dramatically. Who is responsible for this price drop factor?

Shaheen Ahmed: The tannery owners have no hands behind the deal. Dealers, dealers and dealers in the raw leather industry. They unite and deceive the marginal dealers. They also recognized that the reduction of leather prices is a type of business policy. As a result, it is a factor. Since we do not have the workforce, we cannot interfere with the raw leather market. Usually after 4-6 days with Eid we buy saline.

First Light: The tannery owners are the biggest buyer of raw leather. But the owners of the tannery complained that there was a disaster for not paying the tax. How do you avoid tannery owners?

Shaheen Ahmed: Tannery owners suffer from capital outages. We have invested Tk 6,000 crore to 7,000 crore in the leather industry in Hemayetpur, Savar. But we first understood the ownership of the land there. Bisic didn't. We can't borrow from the bank for that. Apart from this, the leather export business has deteriorated ever since moving to Hemayetpur from Hazaribagh in the capital of the 21st century. Industrial City's Central Waste Refinery (CETP) is not quite clear. European buyers do not buy our skin to improve their business environment. Chinese buyers buy leather, but it is also hampered by the country's trade war with the United States. In all, the leather industry is in turmoil.

First Light: What do you say about non-payment of arrears?

Shaheen Ahmed: Animal skins with victims are sold for Rs. The middlemen received only Tk 1-crore from the owners of the tannery. The fact is that the big business people deal with the dealer's money. They do not pay dealers. This is the biggest problem.

First Light: Hemayetpur & # 39; s industrial decline, the collapse of leather exports and the capital crisis for tannery owners were also the last. Still, what do you think is the reason for selling leather at half price last time?

Shaheen Ahmed: In tanning, 5 percent of the skin is stored on last-minute animal skins. Apart from exports, the price of leather has fallen in the global market. As a result, the demand for raw skin was slightly lower. On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, negative messages were sent across the country due to two isolated incidents. Apart from this, the seasonal traders invest hundreds of crores every year. But seasonal traders have also fallen short on the field due to losses in the last two years. This is also one of the main reasons behind the decline in leather prices.

First Light: You also get the benefit of buying leather at low prices for the craftsmen. You also buy at lower prices …

Shaheen Ahmed: The question does not come. Suppose you bought a pair of leather for 5 rupees. The cost of salt and labor is Tk 20. The shiny leather will sell us for at least 3-5 rupees.

First Light: Before Eid, the Ministry of Commerce set the price for leather. But when it came to selling leather, traders didn't even go for a fixed price. Would the disaster be avoided if it was monitored by the government?

Shaheen Ahmed: The government could monitor the market for animal skin victims. The market has been unstable due to lack of monitoring. If we could create a monitoring team with the Ministry of Commerce, this situation would not have been created in the leather market.

First Light: The incident took place in different parts of the country, leaving skin on the roads and rubbing the soil without getting the minimum price. How much skin can be damaged?

Shaheen Ahmed: The skin on the beef is wasted 3-5 percent due to the road and the soil. Again, due to a lack of timely salt, about 20 percent of the skin will be lost. On the other hand, 5 percent of goat skin was lost due to no cost. The loss of this huge amount of skin is a huge loss to the country.

First Light: To deal with the situation in the present context, the Ministry of Commerce has decided to export raw leather and wet blue. Will it improve the situation?

Shaheen Ahmed: If raw leather is exported, the leather industry, like the jute industry, will be destroyed. Savar's leather town lacks raw leather
Will be

First Light: Why should the industry be destroyed? Why don't you buy leather at a reasonable price?

Shaheen Ahmed: If you have a headache, will you cut your head off? Exporting raw leather is a lot like cutting your head. If the export decision is implemented, the domestic industry will be threatened. The tannery industry will never be able to turn around. As a result, many workers will lose jobs.

The price of leather for the sacrificed animal has dropped dramatically. The chairman of the Bangladesh Tanners Association (BTA) spoke with the first light on why the collapse and the current situation should be taken. Shaheen Ahmed and Abdul Kader, president of the Cooperative Association of Greater Chittagong Raw Leather. Interview with Shubhankar Karkar and Sujan Ghosh.

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