Tuesday , January 26 2021

Tanushree has now called Harvard

Tanushree Dutt 2004 & # 39; Miss India & # 39; and once Bollywood star Tonsuri Dutta powerful actors in Bollywood 10 years ago, several people accused of having sexually harassed during the recording of & # 39; Chocolate & # 39; in 2005. During the recording of "Horne Oka please & # 39; Managed in 2005. Director Vivek Agnihotri, while filming the film, opened the jersey for the two other artists Sunil Sethi Irfan Khan said to dance in front of Khan. Soon after, many Bollywood actresses opened their mouths with & # 39; #m 2 & # 39;. This time, Tanushree Dutt received a call from Harvard Business School. Harvard Business School sent a message about his life to him.

The Hindustan Times reported that Tanushree Dutt received an invitation from Harvard Business School, Massachusetts, Boston, USA. Students from Harvard Business School and Kennedy School will inaugurate the & # 39; India Conference 2015 & # 39; on Saturday (February 16). Tonsuri Dutt will tell about his experience at the ceremony. Social worker Aruna Roy, journalist Barkha Datta, Bahubali director SS Rajamwali and politician Asad Uddin Owaisi will be present at the occasion as speakers.

On Sunday he invited in the invitation the invitation from Harvard Business School, Tanushree Dutta.

The invitation to Tanushree Dutt changed slightly because of this invitation. With the allegation of sexual harassment, she opened the mouth of & # 39; #m 2 & # 39; movement and came out in international news headlines. I heard from Harvard University that I heard the issues. Harvard Business School has called him to hear from the face of his life.

In 2004, & # 39; Femina Miss India Universe & # 39; and former Bollywood star Tanushree Dutt, that many scenes of sexual assault her in the movie "Horne ok please". was released in 2009. Then there are many unexpected questions that various stakeholders face. Some of the most popular bollywood stars of this time have protested against working with him. The future of the famous actress life has now come to the question. He has been dropped from some of the pictures that have been signed. In the meantime, he does not leave the house without much need. Avoid journalists, TV cameras and media.

In many countries of the world, as the hashtag muu movement continued to become popular, a decade ago began an event that took place in India, this movement in India, Tanushree Dutt. After opening his mouth, he stood for extreme opposition. This movement took a strong form in India in a very short time. Tonsuri Datta was credited with 100 percent credit for launching the hashtag mu2 movement in India.

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