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The excitement of love came to Gazipur, and the American youth took Islam

The newlywed American feet Dan White and his wife Masuma Sultana Shanta Photo: Collected

Because of love, the United States came to Gazipur from Bangladesh and took Islam's religion to marry a lover, the young American Dan White. The American youth came to Bangladesh to marry her on February 1, just two months ago.

Regarding the love of flying from the US to Danish, his wife Masuma Sultana Shanta said, "Only two months of identity is our identity. Many things happen in the meantime. Originally, I was introduced to a discussion group on Facebook through Danish. There was regular contact, he spoke to the video call, so we love each other unaware of our minds, the relationship between this relationship ending with the family.

Shanta said: "Both our family members also talk to each other in the video call. With the consent of both families, we decided to get married. I tried to get to the United States to get married. The visa process was not drafted for a month. Dane coming to Bangladesh On February 1, Dan White came to Bangladesh, he was first seen with me at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka that day, this is our first direct meeting that day, he came to our house in Gazipur with him Then there is the marriage arrangement.

In Dan's acceptance of Islam, Shanta said: "Dan is a Christian religion. Later she expressed her interest in becoming a Muslim. Therefore, Muslims. His current name is Muhammad Ali. In accordance with Bengali style, February 3, we are finished formalities in marriage, including yellow and ring change. Mohammad Ali is currently in our house. We are fine Everyone wants to pray for us.

Daughter of the United States of California, Dan White married, Masuma Sultana Shanta, daughter of Solaiman in Nayapara village Mirzapur, Gazipur. Islam has adopted before marrying the lover. After receiving religion, the name Dan White has been changed to Mohammad Ali. Mohammad Ali is currently living with his father-in-law, house in Mirzapur, Gazipur. When this young American came to Gazipur from the distant United States, the newsletters spread to a young girl that the crowd gathered at Shanti's house, the eager crowd.

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Previously, Brazilian women came to Rajbari in April 2018 for a love affair on Facebook. Another Malaysian girl came to Tangail in August that year in love. In April this year, two American girls married in Faridpur and were married in Barisal this year.

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