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The movie is not rough entertainment: Toukir Ahmad


Touqir Ahmad's new picture "We may think some of the movies are full of dancing and singing, and more than talking, is gross entertainment for the poor people at all. It can be promoted in the film's international arena." Tauqir Ahmed, actor and producer. Picture of & # 39; Phagun Hawaay & # 39; s FirstLook Pro Tauqir said this at the ceremony.

Short before shooting, "Phagun Hawaay" photo. Tisha and Siam played the central role of the film. The first appearance of the film is seen in Fifty Shades of Tashah and Siam. There is no way to understand the interior in which they live at this time. They appeared in the early 90's. "Phagun Hawaay" made in language movement is not just in the garment, Tisha and Siam have taken the streets together to fight for the Bengali language rights. This is the image of the first hatch of the image.

Producer Tauqir Ahmed said, "We give a thought to the people of the time in the form of" Phagun Hawaaye "in a metaphorical sense, related to Dhaka City. I think the actors have tried and made good looks, the audience will love We hope to continue with that jump. If you like it, the image goes away. It also has an archive value. & # 39;

Tauqir Ahmed and Amin Khan were present at the opening ceremony of the movie "Phagun Hawaya". Image: Collect, & jpg & # 39;;,&#39;path&#39;:&#39;media/2018/11/ 17 / 622d84a4a95bd24903ea4bb4bc1b5cf6-5bf0473bb8f74.jpg & # 39 ;, & # 39; Name ": Touqir Ahmed and Amin Khan in the" Phagun Hawaya "Photo Poster." Image "width & # 39 ;: 800, & # 39; Height & # 39 ;: 534, & # 39; align & # 39; alignment center & # 39 ;, link: & # 39; image: & # 39; image: & # 39; image: & # 39; image & # 39; & # 39; caption & # 39;: & # 39; & # 39; pushClass & # 39;: & # 39; jwMediaContent & # 39 ;, & # 39; goals & # 39 ;: & # 39 ;, & # 39; title & # 39 ;: Touqir Ahmed and Amin Khan at the opening of The picture "Phagun Hawaya." Photo: Samlad & # 39; everything: Touqir Ahmed and Amin Khan at the opening ceremony of the poster "Phagun Hawaay." Image: Collected "width =" 800 "src =" "Tota Rahman is inspired by the story of" Bau Koch, "" Phagun Hawaay ", who plays with Abhil Hayat, Afroza Banu, Faruq Hossain, Saju Khadem, Azad Bridge, Bollywood Actor Yashpal Sharma and others. It is reported on the day when the date of the release of the film, Touqir said, will be in February. The biopremiary of the movie on the 8th to the 1st.</p>
<p>As for the new picture, Touqir said: "Ekushey February is very important in our national life. This Ekushey February was the beginning of Ekattar." We understood, we have no future for the Pakistanis, in that motivation we are an independent nation. We constantly lift our heads To show the image of Bangladesh in the international arena beyond national level. With this change, the film can be a tool. When we go abroad, when foreigners prefer our pictures but foreigners think we do not only export human resources, we have one brilliant culture and history Bengali language, the world's hottest language This language has been recognized as the language of the sweet language. A large number of people speak Bengali. Why not mark the history of the movement of language? I think the roots of our nationality are the Bayanan language movement . But there was no complete work in the film with great language movement. Now I'm very happy to do this. "</p>
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