Tuesday , March 2 2021

The National Men's Handball Competition started

28th national men's handball competition has begun. This competition was opened at Shahid Captain Mansur Ali Stadium. 33 teams from all over the country have participated in this tournament. Hopefully, the handball will be spread all over the country by the organizers of the Olympic Association Association. He said such tournaments would play an important role in making better in global tournaments such as SA Games or OS.

A handful of young handball players under one roof. Those who have been rushed to different districts in the country. The collection is to participate in the recently launched National Handball League. 33 teams participated in this year's national men's hockey match. The team will play in 8 parts.

Players who make a dream network about this district-based handball tournament. Given the intensive care and adequate facilities, the youth hope to do well in the future.

Meanwhile, the General Assembly of the Olympic Association has pleased with the organization of National Men's Handball. Bangladeshi Olympic Confederation Secretary Syed Shahed Razor said that such a planned future will further strengthen the Handball Federation.

The handball plan is almost exhausted year round. Syed Shahed Razar, hoping that the handball would give shock to other federations in various international tournaments across the country.

There are several games held on the opening day. Sunamganj District Sports Association won the first match against Narayanganj. In addition, several districts, including Dhaka, Natore, Narail, Chittagong, have won the first day. The tournament will be held on November 17th.

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