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The strike of a student at Dhaka University was stuck

Nov 15th. 018, 09:12 Updated: November 15, 2009, 9:35 pm

A student in Dhaka University called Al-Amin, 22, injured in robber's robbery in the capital of the Asadgate area on Wednesday night. Photo: NTV

Al-Amin (22), a student at Dhaka University (DU), was injured in the robber in the capital of Assadgate. The captains took away their wallet and mobile phone.

The event took place on Wednesday evening. Al-Amin is treated at Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH).

Students of Al-Amin DU's Third Year of Islam Studies He is a resident of the 71s.

Student of the injured Shafiqul Islam Shawon said, Al-Amin taught privately at a home in the Asadgate area. When studying privately, he stood in Asadport and waited for the bus to return. Four or five robbers tried to trade their wallet and mobile phone at that time. The captains rapped the wallet and the mobile by cracking him.

Later, local people rescued Al-Amin and were taken to Suhrawardy Hospital. After receiving the news, his classmate took him to Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

Deputy Commissioner of Police at the Police Police in Dhaka Police, Bachchu Mia said that Al-Amin has sharp arms on the left and the back. He received medical treatment in the emergency department.

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