Wednesday , November 25 2020

This is a case against Pandia

India's two players, Haldik Pandya and Lokesh Rahul, suffered a major setback, even though they were temporarily released from the ban. The case has been filed against the two people to make derogatory remarks against women in "Coffee with karma". There is also the name of Karan Johar in the film director. A case was filed with Jodhpur Police Station in India. At the ceremony & # 39; Coffee With Karan & # 39; have many Bollywood actresses secretly told their secret. Pandya and Rahul were invited by the invitation as they went on their way. The segment released in December was released last month. Pandya opens her mouth for her first sexual activity in the Rapid Fire round. Said, "I told my parents on the first day to lose the virgin, today is the next day." Pandia also said that if any party went to the party, the girls' movements were noticed. At a party, parents ask who their particular girlfriend? Hardiq couldn't finish counting that he had no connection with whom! Rahul, on the other hand, said that when her mother was terribly angry at her condom in her house at the age of 18, her father threw her back. And in these social media these comments are repulsive and humiliating for women, there is a storm of criticism. The Board of War in India (BCCI) has banned Pandya and Rahul indefinitely during this period. The two were brought back to India before the start of the one-day series against Australia last month. BCCI's governing body temporarily lifted the ban on January 24. Following the Ombudsman's appointment from the Supreme Court this month, the hearing will begin again. Pandya joins team to third ODI against New Zealand And to the five-matched one-day series against English lions, Lokesh Rahul was appointed captain of India's A team.

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