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Three or four young men in arms were asked: & # 39; We are Muslims or not & # 39;

Holi artistry Three or four young men entered the Holy Artisan bakery in Gulshan with arms in their shoulders. Rabhinadera asked if they are Muslims. After answering yes, the young men said to them: "If Muslims have no problem. "So behind them 8 to 10 foreigners intercepted fired against the young.

The witness of the attack on Holi Artisan, witness to Sharmina Parvin, witnessed this testimony in a special anti-terrorist court on Wednesday. Sharmina Parvin is wife of former North American university teacher Hasnat Karim. Apart from Sharmina, two others gave testimony to court. They are assistant police chief Rabiul Karim's brother Shamsuzzaman and his cousin Molla Anwarul Amin.

On February 12, the date of the next testimony of the trial was decided by the Special Terrorist Judge Mohammad Mujibur Rahman.

The bodies were around
Sharmina Parvin went to dinner with Holi Artisan on July 1, 2016 with her two children and husband Hasnat Karim. That day was his daughter's birthday.

Sharmina Parvin told the court that Holi was sitting on that day at Artisan Bakery. See the food menu and wait for the order. Suddenly, three or four young men entered the Sacred Artisan bakery by lifting arms with a bag on their shoulders.

Sharmina said, "The young men came to our table and asked," Are we Muslims or not? "When we say Muslims, they say," You won't have a problem. "They recommended to stay low on the table. Young people said," We won't hurt Muslims. ""

Sharmina Parvin told the court that there were 8 to 10 foreigners sitting behind the table at Holi Artisan Baker's table. They started shooting there. Then their children's eyes were covered. After a while, the two girls, one son and another person took them to their table. That's how they were kept all night. All lights in the hall are closed. There was only one light on the balcony.

Sharmina Parveen also told the court that about one and a half people brought a waiter (waiter) and a foreigner to their table at the table. The Bengali servant was removed from one side. Then foreigners were shot in front of them.

While describing Holi Artisan's event, Sharmina Parvin said: "We scattered dead bodies around us. They can hear the sound of a sharp weapon. & # 39;

With regard to Hasnat Karim and Tahmid, Sharmina said: "At six o'clock in the morning my husband and Tahmid took them to the roof of the arms. After 5 to 10 minutes, they brought us to our table again. My husband opened the gate lock with a key "They say you go out one by one. Whatever was taken with our cell phone, the refund was also returned. Then we came out. The law enforcement authorities took our custody, and then we were taken to the DB office. released. & # 39;

When the statement by Hasnat Karim's wife Sharmin ended, defense lawyer Faruk Ahmed asked her. It may be mentioned that Hasnat Karim was arrested in this case, but he was later released from the case.

The accused Rashed alias Rash, Rakibul Islam alias Rigna, Jahangir Alam alias Rajiv Gandhi, Mizanur Rahman aka Bera Mizan, Hadhishur Rahman alias Sagar and Abdus Sabur Khan alias Sohel Mahfuz aka Hatkata Mahfuz were produced for the court. The other two accused Shahidul Islam Khaled and Mamunur Rashid Ripon were arrested in another case, but their arrest was not shown in the case.

On July 1, 2016, Holi Artisan Bakery of Gulshan in the capital killed 22 people, including two police officers, in the country's worst terrorist attack.

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