Friday , June 25 2021

Warrant arrest warrant against Minhaj!

Personal Reporter Due to some fraud on the manufacturer's plate, the culture of the country is now corrupt. One producer is busy hunting other producers, and some names have been named by the manufacturer. And the makers' decision makers in the wake of this accident – the producer becomes empty, the small screen Bhaban becomes empty. The manufacturer is in the mask, and the person is Minhaj. Producer Ismat Ara Lemn is accused in the event of arrest warrant and plans to fly to different places. On November 15, Dhaka Metropolitan Court Mohammad Khurshid Alam issued the disclosure. Warrant Issued to Khilkhet Police Station 5154 The complainant producer Ismat Ara Laman said that he invested 4 lakh 80 000 take and did a play of six episodes with Minhaj Veeri. Minhaz Chowdhury gave a check of Tk 5 lakh to the producer together with the promise that he would receive Tk 5 lakh from all shoulder, with the assurance of paying Rs 20,000 a year. Later, the control of the bank was rejected. Victim Lemon said, I have tried to contact the attacker several times to recover my fees. But he did not get my phone. Not only that, before a movie directed by "Meghakanya", I also complained to the associate director, including the prosecutor. But nothing happened. To take on the media I have searched everywhere in the media. Often, the space changes to save yourself. Even when he released his "Meghaknaya" movie, he looked for the theaters in the capital, but I did not understand. Khilkhet police said they did not find the accused after going to Khilkhet's house, according to the address in the arrest warrant. The police also said they were trying to arrest Minhaj Pari. He expressed his hope that he would soon be arrested and arrested under the law.

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