Thursday , January 21 2021

What is the Indian voter on the future of Dhony?

When does Dhoni come back? File picture, AFP

Mahendra Singh Dhoni will resign immediately after the World Cup? It's going on, and it's a katchat. India's chief election MSK Prasad has said that Dhoni has a lot to say about Dhoni.

When talking about Mahendra Singh Dhoni, everyone in a statement says that he must be in the team. Everyone said Dhoni's experience. There is no doubt that Dhoni is part of the Indian team in the 2019 England Cup. But the question remains how long will Dhoni play? There is a clash, England's open pair of pillow gloves after the World Cup is one of the best stars in Indian cricket.

Dhoni never said anything about his future plans. Suddenly, the wicketkeeper batsman announced in 2014 his retirement from Test cricket without any knowledge of anything. Everyone was surprised, but it was the humon of Dhoni. The captain left the same road. Just before the start of the one-day series against England in the domestic market in early 2017. It was a surprise to everyone.

India's chief elector, MSK Prasad, talked about how he would retire. He said he would not say anything to Dhoni about this issue before the World Cup. Don't say why he said, "We haven't talked about him with his retirement. It's not good to talk about this before a big tournament like the World Cup. & # 39;

Dhoni's comments in the case are positive, "said Dhoni," being an IPL before the World Cup will benefit Dhoni. He will be able to play big matches in IPL. It would also be good for his batting. I think Dhoni will benefit from the game he plays. I'm happy with his batting during the Australia and New Zealand tour. "

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