Friday , April 23 2021

19-year-old Jean-Marc's brutal death in Saint-Ghislain: the proposed medical error (video)

In just 19 years, Jean-Marc Dessilly had very good years to live, but fate decided otherwise. This Wednesday, Saint-Ghislainois died from serious problems after the accident he had suffered a few days earlier in Tertre.

"My little brother, 19, 1 month and 1 day went away today": his older sister's testimony.

A few days ago, Jean-Marc went to Warquignie's hospital after suffering an accident on the Tertre. He, according to our information, suffered from a broken nose.

In total, the young was employed in four different hospitals: Warquignies, Saint Joseph, Jolimont and finally Saint-Luc in Brussels, where the medical corps could not do anything to save the victim. In fact, Jean Marc's file was very critical: at least two vital bodies were affected. Not to mention that the internal damage apparently was not detected immediately. A medical error could therefore be considered.

The medical director of CHR Mons-Hainaut (Warquignies and Saint-Joseph, member of the Jolimont group), replies.

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