Wednesday , June 16 2021

"Another dirty macaque": A man caught in a tram in Uccle (VIDEO)


This took place on March 13 at. 21 in tram 7 in Uccle.

Returning from a literary meeting, a young man is targeted by someone present in the tram where he has just climbed. "Still a dirty macaque, I can't take more of these Negroes everywhere," the individual shoots at him, and the stunned young becomes quiet in the light of the soliloquy that the stranger continues to hold. by answering him and asking him why such relentlessness. "Don't talk to me, otherwise I'll break your mouth," the individual falls.

The battle then chooses to take the phone out to film the scene. He shared the video on his Facebook page, which he commented on and sanctioned this kind of behavior.

The young man explains that no one in the tram intervened, except the driver. He decided to file a complaint on STIB's website.

M. R.

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