Friday , December 4 2020

Apple is working to improve the autonomy of Apple Watch skiing

Apple would be looking to improve the autonomy of its smart watches and especially when used on the ski slopes. She has just released a patent on this subject.

One of the major constraints associated with connected watches is that they have to be charged. Depending on their use, these can be depleted more or less quickly. One aspect that Apple is trying to address, especially when users are skiing.

In fact, in a patent filed by the California company this summer and recently published, Apple seems to worry about the speed at which its connected watches are being emptied during use on the ski slopes. Although quite surprising, Apple draws an analysis of the average skier's behavior in the introduction to his patent. It is not limited to an intense sporting activity, as it is interrupted by a break, a chair lift, discussion of a hot chocolate and businesses.

Moments when all the time consuming energy consuming properties are not useful. That's why Apple seeks to reduce the energy consumption of some components (processor or GPS) to increase the autonomy of its watches. In his text, Apple indicates that it will create a system that can detect when a user is really skiing, and when he or she is resting or chatting and thus sleeping some useless functionalities. Once the recovery of the sport is detected, the useful features will be automatically reactivated.

Although it is amazing that Apple is focusing on making skis in particular – although Apple recently used a track activity tracking system – This search can be very interesting for Apple Watch users. Integrating an activity detection system that requires – or not – all of the watchOS features and thus puts some of the clock functions in the wait, when they are not needed, can actually be a good solution to maintaining better autonomy in skiing or elsewhere.

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