Sunday , May 16 2021

BMW reveals a camouflage prototype of its iNEXT electrical service scheduled for 2021

bmw inext

Planned for the year 2021, SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) BMW iNEXT already offers small shops outside. Purpose: to analyze its behavior on snowy and icy roads.

BMW aims to commercialize five new electric cars by the year 2021. An ambitious roadmap, but especially within the reach of this Germany's flagship, which already performs the first tests of its future models. This is e.g. The case with BMW iNEXT, whose last trip to Arjeplog, Sweden, was an opportunity to reveal new pictures of the vehicle.

Examine the vehicle's behavior

The team from the company from Germany has chosen a look at "camouflage", which does not differ from the Audi e-tron GT, which was unveiled in November 2018. There was no doubt to embark on another nasty fight with one of Its competitors, but to achieve life size test under difficult climatic conditionsas we learn from an official press release.

bmw inext

INEXT SAV did not drive on Swedish roads just for its sake. The tests performed were especially used for optimize, investigate and harmonize all driving, chassis and suspensions, all on roads and extreme weather conditions "Says the label. The model was thus presented hard tests on snow-covered roads and frozen lakes.

Other tests in access

The goal was analyze how under-zero temperatures affect the energy storage system, power to the engine, power to the electrical system and heating and cooling systems Can we still read. One way to understand how the electric car behaves in the face of a permanently installed coldand generally affects electrical solutions.

BMW also took the opportunity to investigate the reaction of the acceleration and braking systemswhile experiencing the car's four-wheel drive (four-wheel drive). Of course, these tests appeal to others until the production of iNEXT planned in Dingolfing, Germany, in 2021.

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