Tuesday , August 3 2021

Braine-l & # 39; Alleud: the factors cross each other's arms

Walloon Brabant

85% of uninsured trips through spontaneous motion

The Braine-Allen factors belonging to the three traditional unions spontaneously stopped work Tuesday at 7 o'clock in the morning. By discovering the amount of mail to handle, they felt that it was not sustainable. They also suspected La Poste to have waited for the national strike message, which takes place on Wednesday, by transferring maximum mail from sorting centers to distribution centers.

If the newspapers are usually distributed on Tuesday and the zones were served first, it is still 85% of the trips from Braine-lll Alleud who were not insured.

This, of course, also affects Braine-l'Allud's residents, but also Tubize, Waterloo and Braine-le-Château. Given that the postal strike at national level was announced on Wednesday, the message at the port of the brainoise post office will probably not be distributed to recipients before the end of the week.

V. F.

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