Friday , October 22 2021

Bumblebee – Starters Cinema


Passed to steroids and the decreasing Q.I. by Michael Bay, the cinematographic franchise of transformers have had good hours and big gains since 2007. Mainly pyrotechnic and infographic, this muscular version of the case quickly took a turn more demonstrating than respect for the spectator's brain or any ophthalmic migraine that it may trigger. Funny but dangerous for our poor neurons!

the Bumble Bee Travis knightKubo and the magic armor) should correct the shot. This spin-off is one origin story to a large audience. The action is 1987 when Bumblebee will meet Charlie, a teenager – almost 18 years old. Their meeting will cause major changes, both will grow. Of course, if history is based more on initiation and psychology, Bumble Bee has its part of the action and optimism!

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