Friday , October 22 2021

Death by William Goldman, scriptwriter of several cult films, at the age of 87


Born in Highland Park in the state of Illinois, William Goldman began as a novelist and published his first novel of 26, "The Temple of Gold", well received by critics.

But as a scriptwriter, he will be a worldwide success and write an impressive series of Hollywood productions.

"Butch Cassidy and the Kid" (1969), with Paul Newman and Robert Redford, will be his passport to fame. The film gives him the opportunity to win Oscar for the best manuscript.

He will then continue with "The Men of the President" (1976), which will serve him a second Oscar, "Marathon Man" (1976), "A Bridge Too Far" (1977), "Princess Bride" and "Misery" (1990).

In an interview with PBS 2000, he explained that he had feared all his life to annoy the viewer and systematically used a series of "tricks" to entertain him.

"What I have is what I had when I started: a sense of dialogue and history," he said modestly and said he was unable to move to the scene.

He explained that there was no recipe for him to write the manuscript for a movie. "I wish there was one," he joked in this interview.

William Goldman will have chosen his entire life to live in New York, he despises from Hollywood.

"Hollywood is full of buzz and lies," he said during the interview at PBS.

He even wrote a book, Adventure in Screen Trade, where he painted a vitriolical image of the film industry.

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