Monday , October 18 2021

Dieudonné appears in Montreuil despite a city mayor's city council


The Polemicist Dieudonné, who was condemned repeatedly for racism, incitement to hatred and apology for terrorism, occurred in Montreuil in Seine-Saint-Denis on Thursday evening despite a decree by Mayor PCF to shut down the private premises where he occurs since the end of October we learned from hall.

"Serious danger" in the room. Mayor Patrice Bessac said on Thursday Thursday that he had taken a decree on "provisional closure of premises", "implemented immediately" following the opinion of the Security Commission, which pointed out a "serious and imminent danger" in this space that did not meet the public standards receiving institutions (ERP).

Thursday evening, despite this bylaw, the show took place, according to information from Paris, confirmed by the town hall that said he had the crime recorded by a joke. The city added that it would "seize the competent jurisdiction to enforce" its decision. Since October 25, Dieudonné has been living several nights a week in this room and planned to continue until mid December.

"Discretionary Choice". "The passport on the security commission at the place where the performances take place was the best way for the city to legally oppose its possession," the mayor said in a statement. The latter, who "strongly condemns the anti-Semitic remarks made in his exhibitions" by Dieudonné, says that he "voluntarily chose the discrete but effective measure, rather than a broad and insecure communication that would legally not have resulted in making him more publicity ".

Many legal proceedings. Since 2002 Dieudonné has been subject to many legal proceedings. In particular, he was convicted in May 2016 for 2 months' resignation and 10,000 euros for "racial insult and provocation against hatred" because of anti-Semitic comments in his show "The Foul Beast".

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