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David Diop, Goncourt high school students with The brother of the soul

Author David Diop won the coveted Goncourt high school students this year, celebrating his 30th birthday this year for The brother of the soul (Threshold), friendship story, madness, in the hell's tombs.

The novel was chosen in the second round, with 5 votes of 13 in front The bottom of the bottom (Albin Michel) by Inès Bayard and Real life by Adeline Dieudonné (The Iconoclast). The referee was sentenced by "his horrible vision of the great war, between Africa and Europe, wisdom and madness".

Unhappy finalist of Femina, Médicis, Goncourt and Renaudot was David Diop the only author who appeared in all the selections of the major literary awards in the fall and the only man in the lead for Goncourt high school students.

"I'm very glad that you've been chosen by you because I'm a teacher and I learned in high school at the end of last century, but I always keep your eyes in your heart, your smiles when you discover the lyrics and I'm really very sensitive to yours, I do not say love, says predilection ", said David Diop, reached by telephone.

With this second novel, read as a tribute to war warriors and especially the 200,000 Africans who fought in the French Army during World War I, David Diop recently told an AFP journalist to return homage to "young people who had not begun to live".

"I love the poem cornflower Apollinaire ", he trusted before he quoted from memory some verses: "A young man of twenty who has seen such terrible things … You have absorbed the lives of those who have died near you … You know death better than life."

Last year, high school students had devoted themselves The art of losing (Flammarion) Alice Zeniter, a powerful story of the countless Algerian war telling fate of a French family whose grandfather was harky.

Adeline Dieudonné

Adeline Dieudonné © STEPHANE REMAEL

Adeline Dieudonné, Renaudot high school students with Real life

Belgium's Adeline Dieudonné won the Renaudot Gymnasium for his first novel on Thursday Real life. For the author, it is such a prestigious award from high school students "A strong signal because it means they keep believing it", she emphasizes to Belga.

"Another price? I'm not happy at all"she reacts first with humor before confirming more seriously "extremely happy" to get this reward. In his novel Real life Published by L & # 39; Iconoclaste, Adeline Dieudonné tells of a young girl living in a residential area with banal appearances, under the thumb of a tyrant and violent dad.

Awarded by high school students has a special taste for the author who talks in his novel "of a girl of the same age group", she says. "How to keep hope, how to believe in your dreams in a difficult and dark context?" If they chose me, it's a strong signal because it means high school students continue to believe in it "she enjoyed

To get a price also makes it clear. "For a first novel, we have more than 600 copies published at the beginning of the literary period, so we're likely to drown in the mass", pointing to Belgian. See his book that stands out, especially thanks to the price, is "Fantastic, I did not expect it, I did not even imagine it".

The novel was also named for Goncourt High School students. Adeline Dieudonné had already won the Fnac Prize for his novel in September. In 2017 she won the Wallonia Brussels Association "Prix de la Nouvelle" with Amarula.

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