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Influenza rapidemia: all indicators of increase – 06/02/2019

Declared everywhere in the big city of France last week, the influenza epidemic continues to look more beautiful. Incidence, consultations, hospitalization … All indicators are red and rising. Hygiene and prevention measures are more relevant than ever.

The incidence of influenza-like disease jumped 47% in one week to 536 consultations per week. 100,000 inhabitants. In addition, emergency visits to influenza or flu-like illness and hospitalization were also marked by a sharp increase of + 42% and + 70%, respectively.

Emergency room visits primarily relate to children under the age of 5 and 15-44 year-olds. Hospitalizations, on the other hand, affect people aged 75 and less and less children under the age of 5.

Finally, the proportion of hospital admissions for influenza or flu-like illness among hospitalizations is 30/1000, a very strong increase over the previous week, "stresses the Oscour® network.

Prevention, over and over again

To protect yourself and your dear and fragile people, continue to take preventive measures. thus:

– Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or with a hydroalcoholic solution;

– Eternat in your elbow fold (instead of in your hands)

– Use a disposable tissue

– Use a disposable mask if you have flu-like symptoms, especially when in contact with fragile people.

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