Wednesday , November 25 2020

Muscle block in Molenbeek after an ax attack in a cafe (video)

A man suspected of having hit another with an ax on Monday was arrested around 10 am. 14 at his home in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean as part of an attempted murder, the local police in Brussels confirm West and the park of Brussels.

Yesterday, Sunday, at a café on Jubilee Boulevard in Molenbeek, the suspect (A.M.) had fought with another man. A third person intervened to separate them, and the suspect would have promised to come back for revenge, the local police said. What happened Monday on the terrace of the same café. The suspect brought 4 axes to his rival. He has been transported to the hospital in a disturbing state, but he is now in danger.

The police quickly asked the attacker through a neighborhood survey. "As this was apparently a violent person, we asked for anti-banditry action"explains the spokesman for the area. All in all, a dozen agents seized him at Vanderstichelen Street. According to his family, it seems to be a mental imbalance.

Denis Goeman, spokesperson for the Brussels Prosecutor, said the man was made available to the prosecution and will be heard on Tuesday by the investigating magistrate.

The scene was occupied by local residents. Here is the video where we hear people who verbally attack the suspect.

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