Thursday , May 13 2021

Perquisitions in Mouscron and the Belgian Union in connection with football leaks

Seven searches took place this morning at the Mouscron football club, club leader, the Belgian Union and the Belgian Court of Arbitration for Sports (CBAS). Three people were taken to the hearing. These searches, confirmed by the federal prosecutor, apply to the record to obtain a license for the Mouscron Club last year. The case was opened in April for counterfeiting, counterfeiting, fraud and money laundering. This is to determine if the club Mouscron is owned by a player agent, which is prohibited in Belgium.

Investigators also try to see where exactly millions of euros came from Mouscron's accounts through offshore companies.

The KV Mechelen Club, who is interested in this case in connection with fraudulent or not receiving a license from Mouscron, was a civil party in this case in June.

These searches are related to the revelations in friday about football leaks. Le Soir, media Party and a consortium of European journalists argued that Pierre François, Director General of Pro League, would have become aware of the player's agent Pini Zahavi was the true leader of the Mouscron Club. A fact that is completely forbidden byRBFA, according to which no Belgian club may be operated by a player agent.

This case is completely separate from Footgate's register of corruption and money laundering.

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