Saturday , February 27 2021

Pre-work on bpost, work resumed

The union front and bpost leadership have agreed on the terms of a negotiation agreement. On Monday, employee representatives decided to return to work in the evening, which enabled the dialogue to proceed in a calmer atmosphere.

"Trade union front and leadership lead to concrete agreement to restore trust and prioritize staff wellbeingThe announcement was made jointly by management and social partners at the end of a day that saw unions and management around the corner to continue social dialogue.

"Following the decision in the afternoon to suspend the actions, the parties continued the dialogue and concluded an agreement to restore confidence and meet the staff's expectations regarding workload ", adds Jean-Pierre Nyns, Secretary General of the Socialist Union ACOD Post, without specifying the content of this negotiation agreement. According to him "This is an important reason for ensuring employee well-being and bpost's future plans. The social partners undertake to present the various measures for their respective delegations tomorrow / Tuesday. The parties also undertake to meet again in the near future to conclude a collective agreement for the period 2019-2020. "

4 day strike

The rotating strike on bpost

had started last Wednesday and was supposed to be five days until Tuesday. The workers condemned workload and lack of staff.

At the end of the morning, the company and trade unions announced in a joint statement that the social dialogue had been conducted constructively and that Progress had been made on the proposals in the table. "These are an important basis for an agreement on employee welfare and bpost's future plans to help restore confidence."

The management emphasizes that it is "especially pleased with the progress, which allows the service to be secured in a crucial time for its customers"Unions and Management"Will now continue to work with confidence in materialize the various points of the agreement into a final agreement"explain both parties.


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