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Samsung veut ajouter une caméra au bout du S-Pen

Samsung brevet d'un styled avec caméra

The S-Pen du Galaxy Note 10 delimit the signature of a miniature document that reads the information extra letter from the Samsung.

The S-Pen is just a new coupon of the model with the Galaxy Note. Celui du Galaxy Note 9 a gagné quelques fonctions.

It is the most transformational and commendable maize cell of the beaucoup plus loin.

In the same level as the level of activity, you will find the criterion, in the case of the perfection (oi, your sweet).

Le prochain styled imaginé par Samsung risque de changer radical element. This is why the letter to the letter is not relevant to the actual progress.

Samsung imagine un stylet avec une caméra miniature

Registration of a document and of effect and of the financial year 2017 is done by the bureau of the letter. The document is read only by the electronic optical zoom.

On foot you waist S-Pen sur le Galaxy Note 9, serait une vraie prouesse.

The nombreux croquis étayent le letter. La caméra se trouve dans le haut du stylet.

The design of the quatre lentilles alignes with the captain of the image module of communication. Il pourrait servir à transmettre la photo au smartphone.

Samsung letter S-Pen caméra

The corp du S-Pen abrite the element of the quote sert at the lower zoom of the camera. Le site PatentlyMobile and extrait you the letter read différents favor.

INIts representative is styled with all the camera's cellular note from the Galaxy Note.

The logic of the pencil is that the Galaxy Note 10 will be ideal for delivering the innovation. Cate version of serait aussi symbolique que le Galaxy S10.

Le Note 10 is a new version of the new technology in the technology.

The Samsung parle elemental is the accessory accessory for reading and ordering. On verrait bien une Galaxy Tab S5 avec to S-Pen caméra.

Samsung letter S-Pen caméra

Frédéric notre rédac chef and square test you SPen # GalaxyNote9 lot 1 @SamsungFR pic.twitter.com/s22Q9pYoHb

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