Tuesday , December 1 2020

The influenza epidemic affects all regions

The influenza epidemic has spread to all regions of the metropolis of France, said (January 30) Public Health France. Last week, the epidemic spread to Normandy until then the last region ate metropolis. The Health Agency reports on "exceeding all cause mortality observed among persons aged 15-64 and 85 or older" in the first two weeks of January AFP details. Public Health France notes "a significant proportion of flu in hospital admissions". Of the patients presented to the emergency department last week, more than a thousand hospitalized, nearly 400 more than the previous week, according to the Oscour (Organization of Coordinated Emergency Response) network. These admissions relate mainly to people aged 75 or over (39%) and children under 5 (20%). More generally, the proportion of hospital admissions for influenza or flu-like illness among hospitalizations was 18/1000, a "sharp increase" over the previous week (11/1000). Since November 1, 422 serious cases of influenza (including 92 last week) have been admitted to intensive care. Among them, 33 deaths were recorded, all in adults, especially among people over 65 (22 out of 33). In the city, the flu-like disease consultation rate is also "rising sharply": it went from 223 per person. 100,000 inhabitants to 339 pr. 100,000 last week, according to estimates from the Sentinel monitoring network. In addition to influenza, France is affected by other classic seasonal epidemics. Gastroenteritis "slightly exceeds the epidemic threshold for the third consecutive week," AFP says. In the capital France, 116,000 new cases were registered in general medicine last week, according to the Sentinel monitoring network. The most affected regions, with the highest occurrence, are Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (258 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, Grand Est (222) and Hauts-de-France (217).

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