Friday , April 23 2021

The WHO villa fell by shell, 16 people temporarily sent to Goma – La Libre Afrique

Six employees in the World Health Organization (WHO) mobilized against the Ebola epidemic in the eastern DRC had to leave Beni where one should hit the villa they occupied Friday night when clashes between peacekeeping and rebels, the WHO told AFP. "It is in exchange for fire that the villa had a shell. It was not a deliberate attack on the villa," said Dr. Michel Yao, coordinator of the fight against the Ebola virus in Beni. "There is no accident," he said.

This is the first time the WHO has been evacuated through temporary staff since Ebola's outbreak on August 1 in the very dangerous region of Beni. The 16 members (of a total of 191 WHO in Beni) left on Saturday in Goma and were waiting for a solution for their homes, according to Yao. Some people are "traumatized".

Earlier on Saturday, the Congolese Ministry of Health reported that the fight against the Ebola epidemic in Beni had been interrupted after armed conflicts the day before, "a few meters from the emergency surgery center and multi-layered hotels.

Friday night, peacekeepers from UN mission in Congo (MONUSCO) rejected a new offense attributed to the ADF-armed group after several hours of fighting in the Boikas, at the northern entrance to Beni, according to a daily bulletin from the Ministry of Health. The Allied Democratic Power (ADF), which has massacred hundreds of civilians since 2014 and killed at least seven peacekeepers a week in conflict, would "attack one of the bases in Monusco," according to this Congolese official document. .

Historically Ugandan Muslim rebels fell in eastern Congo in the 1990s, ADF has increased attacks on the city of Beni since September.

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