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Theo Francken lorgne lignneignement – La DH


Adrien de Marneffe

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Saturday 17 août 2019 à 09h50

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Saturday 17 August 2019 at 10h56

Brussels - Victory of the NVA - Theo Francken joins the 2019 electoral federal campaign


The incidence of federal breakdown of the N-VA cadre of migrants versus the flamand level.

The sequence is the most popular in the Flemish government, conjugate to refuse to discuss the PS, yield plus the N-VA probability of the federal government participants.

Une question brute's pose to Bart De Wever: how fair are the six poids lourds du fédéral? Une solution and a true loyalty to Jan Jambon, prochain minister-president flamand.

Et les autres? Theo Francken a cartonné aux élections, though son parti se ratatinait. The quoi accroître son poids internal. Depuis plus mois déjà, the ex-secretary of the State of Migration's positions for the post of Minister of Education.


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