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"Yellow vests": several events in France, a protector killed, 124,000 people participated in the movement according to the interior



Some 124,000 "yellow vests" protest Saturday across the country against the increase in fuel taxes and the decline in purchasing power in 2000 rallies which led to accidents that caused a death and nearly 50 injured.

Protesters blocked access to highways, roundabouts or organized free road transport. A6, the sun's highway, was completely cut in both directions by the yellow west of Villefranche-Limas (Rhone) toll, according to the APRR motorway group.

Beauvau estimated that more than 2,000 gatherings in the morning, with approximately 124,000 participants, doubled this estimate compared to early in the morning.

Several serious incidents took place at the blockade in the country: a protest was killed in Savoie and 47 injured persons, three seriously according to minister Christophe Castaner, who also announced 24 arrests and 17 custody.

At Pont-de-Beauvoisin (Savoie) a driver who took his daughter to the doctor panicked when the protesters began to hit their car. She then went to them and hit a 63-year-old woman, said Interior Minister Christophe Castaner.

This event, as many others organized in France to protest against the increase in fuel taxes, were not declared.

"It is all concern that we must have demonstrations that are not organized by people who are not necessarily used," said the minister.

"I urge for caution, vigilance," he added, adding that most protests were "good children".

In the Paris area, Roissy and Orly airports operated under normal conditions, despite an influx of passengers at Orly who had expected traffic problems, according to airport sources.

Protest movement is apolitical and asyncratic. In Tarbes, on the Verdun Square, a Lutte Ouvrière sympathizer who distributed the brochure in his trade unions was unreservedly disappointed by the participants in the rally, found an AFP journalist.

"There is no regard to everyday difficulties, people are tired of it, it is a movement that expresses the folly's fatigue for politicians who do not listen to anything", condemns Sebebastien, driving the road. "Everything is bad, we sink," adds Genevieve, retired.

On a video we can see "yellow vests" block the A2 motorway at Maubeuge.

"Outward Signs of Poverty"

A study published Saturday by L & # 39; Argus notes that those departments where motorists drive the most diesel-powered vehicle are also the ones most non-taxed households live. Diesel has become an "external sign of poverty", withdraws the specialized publication.

If it wants to be apolitical, protest movement against rising fuel prices has been supported by several political representatives.

President Debout France (DLF) Nicolas Dupont-Aignan sentenced on France Info on Saturday that the government had a "last chance" to hear the "people."

Several Republican leaders also went to rallies, such as Guillaume Peltier in Loir-et-Cher and Damien Abad in Ain. Laurent Wauquiez, Head of LR, will attend a demonstration in Puy-en-Velay in the afternoon.

Selected representatives of the National Rally were also present alongside the Yellow West, but not Marine Le Pen.

Rogue people also participated in the demonstrations, and their leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon appeared at an unspecified place.

On the other hand, deputies from La République were a Marche worrying about the first human way for this movement and stressed that security should be "the absolute priority", in the form of Matthieu Orphelin, MP LRM, which produces "a horrible record".

"We are living a day beginning to go to the drama," said Ludovic Mendes, MP LREM Moselle.

In Paris about fifty cyclists and VTC stationary at Place de la Bastille were prevented from performing by the police. "Do you have a car why are you not on our side?", Throw a yellow vest to a police officer. "Oh, I'm electric", the official answers laugh.

At the initiative of this dissatisfaction, members of civil society mobilized against rising fuel prices before the grounds for complaints were extended to a wider termination of the government's taxation policy and the reduction of purchasing power.

As of January 1, 2019, taxes on diesel should increase by 6.5 cents per liter and petrol by 2.9 cents.

The President has cautiously warned for political recovery, while some politicians have announced their participation in the protests – Republican President Laurent Wauquiez, Leader of La France Insoumise Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the President of France stood Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, some of whom chose NR, but not their President Marine Le Pen.

To paralyze the country by preventing any cost is the way to press the yellow wests.

On the initiative of the gravel, members of civil society were mobilized that mobilized against rising fuel prices before the grounds for a wider termination of government's taxation and lower purchasing power policies.

As of January 1, 2019, taxes on diesel should increase by 6.5 cents per liter and petrol by 2.9 cents.

This "race-le-bol general of the people" – explained Thursday Kevin Dujardin, "a Gaul of Calais" 27 years – "it's an apolitical movement, asyndic (…) If politics come, we boycott you come with union flags, they are burned on the spot. "

Jacline Mouraud, Priscillia Ludosky, Tristan Lozach or Thierry Marre: These unknown strangers, not long ago, used the power of social networks to reconcile dissatisfaction.

And their investment seems to have worked so far: According to an Odoxa survey conducted in France for France Info and Le Figaro, three quarters of French relocation accounts and 15% are planning to attend.

In Toulouse this morning, the first conflicts between protesters and cars began to pass.

600 affected cities

Confused by this movement of spontaneous citizens' resistance, which he is not yet aware of, the President attempted Wednesday to stop mobilization with measures.

Flexible on coal taxes – and especially on fuels – Edouard Philippe proposed the introduction of an additional fee (up to 4000 euros) for conversion into modest households or large rolls, the expansion of control energy, a device that helps with electricity and gas costs.

These messages have not allowed to turn tide: about 1,500 shares are expected in the territory, of which only one hundred were reported, according to a police source.

Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Alsace are the two regions where mobilization is expected to be the strongest, according to another police source, saying that more than 600 cities will be affected.

"What's difficult is that we do not have a union organization – used for a demonstration – that organizes it": from Tuesday, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner worried the difficulty in designing this movement that had evolved beyond the framework.

"It is paradoxical, we have the information because everything is on social networks, but we do not know about mobilization, we do not know how many people will answer calls," says a senior official Beauvau.

"Block one country" is "obviously not acceptable," warned the Friday Prime Minister, who will be in Matignon all day Saturday, where he will follow the mobilization, according to his follow-up.

In Beauvau we want to be calm: "We will pay attention to the risk of blockage, the risk of infiltration. We are approaching this day in a very calm and very concentrated way," said Secretary of State Laurent Nuñez to the minister's interior.

The CEO has consistently warned of political recovery.

Five years after the red caps have reached in a few weeks, environmental revocation, an ecological tax on trucks, promises some yellow vests already several days of mobilization.

Fifty-three vehicles conduct a snail operation in Tournai

About fifty vehicles conduct a snail operation this Saturday at the boulevard in Tournai. Inspired by the Citizens' Initiative with the same name as planned in France, the "Yellow Wests" had been rendezvous at 8:00 pm at the Tournai-Expo site, near the E42 motorway. Their action should end at 18:00. Just before noon At 9.00, about fifty vehicles took the Ronse road and led to Morelbron, at the corner of Deportes and Combatants boulevards. The protests then led to the station, then the Imagix roundabout where they turned and led to Bastion's shopping complex.

"There are some congestion but no incidents, we do not know at the moment where the protesters will go next, they assured us they would not leave the city of Tournai and that they would not block depots. Of fuels, especially in the Orcq-Marquain industry The end of the operation is scheduled for 18:00, said commissioner Joel Danis, who supervises the operation in Tournaisis.

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