Monday , March 1 2021

12-year-old girl dies in Recife with suspected hemorrhagic dengue fever

Geisilane Monique spent 16 days in the ICU before she died. The cause of death has not yet been confirmed and examined by the Directorate of Health Surveillance of Recife

The family embraces at the funeral of Geisilane Monique Silva do Nascimento, 12 years old

On Wednesday morning (14), José Miguel da Silva Filho (34) walled through the pain of burying her 12-year-old daughter, as last Tuesday (13). Geisilane Monique Silva makes Nascimento in hospital for 16 days at the ICU hospital Oswaldo Cruz with suspected serious dengue – popularly called hemorrhagic dengue. The disease, according to the death certificate, is treated as the main cause of the girl's death.

According to Jose, the first symptoms of daughter fever, headache and stomach were very vomiting, felt on October 25th. "Everything she ate was going to extinguish. The body did not accept anything," he says. In front of the girl's nausea, the father says he first took her to UPA in Nova Descoberta, and that Geisilane was medicated and sent home. "The doctor said if the fever did not go down for 24 hours, I would have to take her back," she reminds.

After a full day without improvement, Mason took her daughter back to PAU, and then the girl was transferred to Baron de Lucena Hospital before she finally was taken to Oswaldo Cruz, where she stayed until her last day's life. According to the father, the cause of death would have been a stroke due to serious dengue.

"If you need a good wellness center, just in Beberibe or private," says José, "I do not know what to do. I'm living in Passarinho, Recife. He also said he had recently dengue but could improve using medication. In his family, outside of Geisilane, no one else had been diagnosed with dengue before.

If you are investigated

The health surveillance of Recife said it was reported on the case and will investigate, but it is still not possible to confirm what the cause of death was. Check out the whole note:

"Health Surveillance of Recife from Oswaldo Cruz Hospital (HUOC), yesterday, (13), notification of a suspected death of arbovirose and may be difficult dengue, a minor of 12 years, female, the first symptom was recorded on October 25 and the patient was adopted to Oswaldo Cruz University Hospital on October 28th with fever, vomiting, intensive and continuous abdominal pain, platelet counts, low blood platelets, mucosal bleeding / other bleeding and hepatomegaly (liver enlargement) Blood samples were collected for serological treatment of arbovirus and leptospirosis On October 9, a non- reactive result for leptospirosis. Research through the epidemiological surveillance of Recife. "

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