Monday , January 18 2021

28-year-old girl dies with suspected hemorrhagic dengue – every day

If you were registered at the police checkpoint and will now be examined

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ACITYON / Araraquara

If you were registered at the police station (Photo: Amanda Rocha / ACidadeON)

Updated at. 10:52 pm

A 28-year-old girl died last night (10) at the São Paulo Hospital in Araraquara. Although there is no official medical confirmation in civil society, there is information on the suspected hemorrhagic dengue. In a note, the municipal health ministry states that "for the information to circulate cautiously, it is important to wait for the analysis of the SVO (Death Verification Service). Only after this finding is it possible to confirm the cause of death."

According to Bulletin of Occurrence, the girl was hospitalized since Saturday (9) with very low platelets, which would be a sign of dengue. Sunday, the young woman did not resist and died. The body was referred to the Death Verification Service (SVO).

The Secretariat said that in the case it is necessary to wait for the price. "However, it is worth mentioning that it is not a question of dengue hemorrhagic fever first. According to the doctors, the patient was hospitalized yesterday with no signs or symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever. A history of pericarditis and other heart complications."

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