Wednesday , June 16 2021

Antonina adopts an emergency for yellow fever

After confirming a case of yellow fever on Tuesday (29), Antonina's municipality on the coast of Paran√° has declared an emergency in public health. The decree was published on Wednesday (6) in the official journal, but according to Health Minister Odileno Toledo it has been in force since last week. However, the alarm is not a cause of despair, although approx. 95% of the county population is already vaccinated, Toledo explains.

According to the secretary, the decree is a measure when there is confirmation of cases in regions with a large number of polluted mosquitoes – the Antonina case. It seems primarily to warn the Parana government that the city needs help to deal with the disease. "With the warning state stated, the requests we send to the government for materials and enhancement of professionals, for example, deal much faster," he explains.

Yellow fever: Coastal parks are closed indefinitely; PR strengthens vaccination

Despite the late publication in the official journal, the secretary guarantees that there were no new suspicions about the disease, much less confirmed cases. However, the vaccination scheme continues: "Those who have not yet been vaccinated must be more concerned. But we take the vaccine to the person, just contact us."

To facilitate communication and planning of yellow fever vaccines, Antonina even delivered a contact telephone with WhatsApp. Using the number, it is possible to send messages to request the vaccine, which, depending on the case, can go to that community. Vaccine The disc's contact number is (41) 98534-0849.

Symptoms and what to do

The symptoms of yellow fever are sudden onset fever in people who have never taken the vaccine against the disease or been vaccinated for less than 10 days and who have been in woodland, rivers or areas with proven viral circulation for the past 15 days.

These conditions should be associated with two or more signs such as headache, nausea, vomiting, joint pain, abdominal pain, lower back pain, jaundice or bleeding.

The Ministry of Health promptly informs the Strategic Information Center for Health Monitoring (CIEVS) of all information about dead monkeys and the occurrence of suspected cases. The phones are (41) 99117-3500 and (41) 99917-0444.

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