Tuesday , November 24 2020

App SPC consumer doesn't work? See how to check your CPF

Since last Friday (15), Brazilian consumers have an opportunity to hear the status of their CPFs in one of the credit bureaus' database. SPC Consumer App is the result of a partnership between SPC Brazil and the Securities and Exchange Commission – CMV. The app already existed, but a new version was released yesterday (15), available for Android and iOS. The proposal was to release free consultation to the CPF. However, there are many complaints in the Google Play Store and the app does not work on multiple devices. App evaluation currently dropped to 2.1 with 700 negative ratings of only 1 point. We also tested on the App Store and the app just doesn't work.

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App SPC consumer doesn't work? See how to check your CPF

Among the user's complaints, it is impossible to terminate the registration, locking, instability and delay in operation. Other complaints refer to deviations between restrictions. A user mentions that they have limitations and they do not appear. However, a minority can lower and conduct consultations.

If it was in perfect working position, the application would provide all the necessary information on existing debt. It is the same as Serasa Consumer, which shows the value, expiration date and information of the company that charges.

In addition to the free CPF consultation, the App has other features, such as the self-assessment tool called an "economic wellness test" that helps consumers balance their finances. The intention is to incorporate new features into the SPC Consumer App already in 2019.

Since the product circle consumer's app does not work, we have contacted those responsible for the press release and so far we have no further information on the application's regularity. When we have more information, we update this post.

How do you check your free CPF for your Smartphone?

A tip to hear your CPF through a program Android and iOS free, is the app SerasaConsumidor. It works perfectly, and through it you can consult your CPF at any time for free and find out if there is any debt in your name. In addition, you can also track Serasa score scores, monitor your CPF against real-time fraud, and still receive credit offers made specifically for you.

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