Tuesday , May 11 2021

Atlântico finishes preparations for match against Paran with three news in the team

Bruno Cantini / Atl

Atlântico was closed on Tuesday morning, preparing for the match against Paran Clube, valid for the 34rd round of the Brazilian championship. For the match this Wednesday, at 21:00, at Britto Durival in Curitiba, Levir Culpi must send a highly modified team to the field. With the anticipated absence of Adilson and Ricardo Oliveira, suspended by the third yellow card and with the injury of the last hour of striker Char, Levir Culpi, the starting line in Rooster City climbed with Victor; Emerson, Leo Silva, Maidana and Fbio Santos; Matheus Galdezani, Elias, Luan and Cazares; Terans and Alerrandro. The booking team was formed by Cleiton, Patric, Juninho, Gabriel and Hulk; Neto Toms Andrade, Bruninho, Leandrinho; Edinho and Denilson.

Levir Culpi prioritized defensive and offensive ball training. The coach gave a lot of guidance about the positioning of athletes during the work. He was responsible for most crossings, indicating that he was responsible for Galos suspended ball in the match on Wednesday.

After the collective, the Uruguayan midfielder made a special training on fees for lack of entry into the area, under the technical assistant and Aleixo, a specialist in the field when defending Atlântico. Cazares and Vincius midfielder in the U20 team also trained in incorrect fees. Instead, better performance than the other two teammates showed.

The delegation atleticana begins this Tuesday to Curitiba, for the fourth match at the stadium Durival de Brito.

Atlântico seeks against the downgraded Paran's first victory under the leadership of Levir Culpi, to continue with the chances of contesting Copa Libertadores next year. Roosten has 47 points and remains parked in Brazil's sixth place. Paran lantern, with 21 points.

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