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Azul plans to receive 21 new generation aircraft in 2019

Airbus A320neo da Azul: Airline Base (Rafael Luiz Canossa)

Azul Linhas Aérea's fleet renewal plans were already the most aggressive among Brazilian airlines, but the company decided to accelerate the process in 2019. It was the one it announced on Wednesday (06) in a note detailing the changes that should be made this year. 21 new generation aircraft will be incorporated, eight more than the original aircraft. They cover with residues of output from 15 units of E195 jet, from Embraer, as they are larger aircraft.

The most significant addition will be made to the Airbus A320neo fleet. Until last year, Azul had a fleet of 20 units of the jet and today it already owns 24 aircraft, two of them ex Avianca. The goal is to reach the end of the year with 27 A320neo in operation. The company also receives six aircraft E195-E2, the new generation of Embraer jet. Initially, it would only be two units, but Azul could predict the deliveries of the Brazilian manufacturer – the airline will become the launch client for the model in the world.

"A320neo flights contribute to a significantly higher turnover in all of our business units. The additional seats provide passengers with greater connectivity in our network, greater point-out options for our AllAzul customers and more freight for Azul Cargo Express. A320neo is 29% lower than the current generation of aircraft, and we are just as excited about the arrival of the next generation of Embraer E2 aircraft, which provides a 26% reduction over today's aircraft, "says Blue CEO John Rodgerson .


Blue to receive six E195-E2's this year (Embraer)

A330-900neo delay

The only setback in Azul's plans is relative to the widebody A330-900neo. Advanced version of birreator, Airbus entered into operation at the end of last year by TAP and have only three units delivered so far, everything for the Portuguese company. Azul planned to receive them in December, but has now revised its schedule and should only rely on the aircraft at the end of the first half. Therefore, only the three planned four units will be delivered in 2019.

Finally, the company no longer decided to include three turbo propellers ATR 72, remaining with a fleet of 33 aircraft. According to Azul, at the end of the year, 40% of the company's capacity will be state-of-the-art aircraft. To get an idea of ​​the increase in the supply of seats, it will grow 18% with an increase of only 5% in the start.

Airbus A330neo Azul: The company receives three units instead of four this year (Airbus)

How to see the company's fleet:

flight 2018 2019 (before) 2019 (now)
Airbus A320neo 20 27 32
Embraer E195-E2 0 2 6
Embraer E195-E1 63 55 48
ATR 72 33 36 33
Airbus A330-200 7 7 7
Airbus A330-900neo 0 4 3
overall 123 131 129

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