Friday , October 22 2021

Banditer makes trawlers in Rebouca's Tunnel


A trawler afraid driver who passed Rebouca's Tunnel late Friday. According to the first information, at least two cars were stolen under crimes. Images that circulate on the Internet show vehicles that are opposite or abandoned in the way of the drivers. PM from Leblon (23rd), Botafogo (2nd), São Cristóvão (4th) and Expressway Policing (BPVE) battalions were fired in an attempt to arrest the robbers who fled.

The military police came to close the tunnel's two galleries, towards the northern zone, around 22.20. The route was released about 30 minutes later. Because of the operation, traffic was overloaded in Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas and in some streets in the Botanical Garden, in the southern part of the city. Botafogo police got back one of the stolen cars, according to the military police. According to the PM, police are strengthened in place.

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