Thursday , June 17 2021

Danrley returns to Carolina: When she voted for me, I respect & # 39; | bbb house

In Leader's Room, Danrley, Gabriela and Rodrigo continue to talk about the game. Rodrigo and Gabriela talk about the brother's attitude when they are indicated by the manager or by the house. Danrley then talks about Carolina: "Monday, Carol said," I'll put the deal on Danrley because he's chasing me. "Only she voted me first, I checked her out because James Leifert asked me to veto three people. "Rodrigo says," If I stop thinking about the girls' degree of affinity, I'm the first one. "Gabriela agrees and Danrley goes back to talking about Carolina:" When she voted for me, I respected her, but When I voted for her, did she think I was stalking her? vote for me, the person will get my vote. "Rodrigo says," That's it. "

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