Friday , November 27 2020

Duck in Palms? PVC says that negotiations still have no way between the parties

Due to the irregularity of Borja and Deyverson, Alexandre Pato's name was sent in Palmeiras this week. After the 1-0 victory over Sao Paulo, football director Alexandre Mattos died of business and explained that he was only talking about athletes from the team. Under the last words, the attacker was program staff.

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The comment Paulo Vinícius Coelho revealed that he came in contact with people close to the athlete and admitted that the negotiations between Verdão and the athlete have not yet begun. About São Paulo, he explained that Tricolor should not invest in the player's return:

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"I don't want to talk about Pato, I think Palmeiras is not the case." Inter was interested, but he didn't want to talk about Pato. There is Guerrero, São Paulo will hardly be, "he said." You are not sure if Cuca would like to tell you. "

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Alexandre Matto, just after Palmira's 1-0 victory over Sao Paulo on Saturday in Pacaembu, preferred to avoid the topic: "I'm going to talk about a player who's here, let's enjoy the victory, let's appreciate it and focus on it." If one day or another player is here, then we must talk, Palmeiras should focus on their goals and think big, "the top hat.

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