Monday , November 30 2020

Electronic Arts announced prior closing of the financial year with values ​​below expectations

the Electronic Art announced its pre-closed results for the third quarter of the financial year and despite having a USD 262 million In the same period last year, values ​​were below what analysts had expected. the Battlefield V sold 7.3 million of the copies, despite a large amount of expectation, was to sell at least one million more. This has given the value shares fell around 17%.

EA says the results did not go as expected due to the postponement of the launch of Battlefield V on November 20 and launched it at a time when the market was more competitive with companies offering big discounts. According to the EA statement, this game made less than expected. They also confirmed that they are a learning company and that the last six months have focused on tracking strategies for organizational change and in the creative team. The trial ended with 4.63% increase, comparing, the team off FIFA Ultimate rose approx. 6%.

"We will continue to make improvements in each of these dimensions as we focus on running across the business. The future of the industry is strong, as in the future of Electronic Arts."Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts.

EA is hoping and investing that Anthem have sales around 5 to 6 million copies until the end of the quarter, which is March 31. This is an ambitious goal, as there are only five weeks to sell for the game, ie. the game must beat more than one million copies sold per Week to get the desired results.

EA's financial future after these reports begin to be uncertain and unstable, depending on whether its upcoming releases are successful. Currently, net sales are from DKK 1,163 billion USD announced for the fourth quarter is still uncertain.

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