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England wins, qualifies for the final and lowers Croatia

At Wembley, England managed to qualify for the final in the Nations League after an exciting match against the runner-up of the World Cup, Croatia. Of 2 to 1 scored the goals Lingard and Harry Kane, and Kramaric was the one who opened the score. All goals scored in the second half and as a result, the croat was moved to league B.

For Group A four, England was better too much of the duel but failed to be effective in the first leg and saw Kramaric put Croatia at the start of the second half, which would downgrade English to League B.

England vs Croatia

England vs Croatia

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But Lingard, who had left the bench, and Harry Kane put England ahead of the score and qualified his election to the final phase of the League of Nations. Spain, which is also a part of the key, needed to draw to qualify, but finished second after the outcome on Sunday (the Spaniards remain in the elite).

Thus, England jumped to the first part of the group, with 7 points, Spain was in the second, with 6, while Croatia, which closed its participation by 4 points, was lowered to League B.

The game

The first major opportunity for the match occurred in two minutes. With Delph's failure, Pickford had to dive in to hold hands on the ball and Rebic, who beat his kick, was omitted. After the shock, it was only England: there were four straight opportunities, with Sterling and Kane as the main role of 15 minutes, when the 9-shirt kicked several times and was stopped by Kalinic.

Without Rakitic, injured, Croatia small managed to reach the goal of Pickford after the first English failure. With that was the only chance at the end of the first leg, with Rebics kicking over the goal. England, on the other hand, continued pushing the ball out and almost reached the point with Barkley a few minutes earlier.

In the second half, the same story from the opening 45 minutes: The English team continued their search for the goal, first with Rashford and Sterling, then with Barkley. But who opened the point at Wembley was Croatia after a fine move began from the right. Kramaric was on the back, curled forward, dribbled behind and kicked to the bottom of Pickford's net. The attempt made a lot of fire in the game, which became more open and allowed more Croatian counter-attacks.

By the bank, Southgate made changes, took Rashford, blown and put Sancho, in addition to taking Delph and trying to give more offensive with Lingard. With little luck, at 32, the ball remained after moving Harry Kane and the shirt 14 had to push into the back of the net.

The term would qualify Spain, which was not even in the field, for the final phase of the League of Nations. But the star in Harry Kane shine and he was in the right place, at the right time: in 39 minutes, after missing a charge, the shirt 9 stretched over and got a bypass to Kalinic's goal.

The League of Nations

The tournament was created by Uefa to provide activity and improve the quality of members' games by date reserved by FIFA for friendly matches. However, there are those who say it's the beginning of a fight at the company with FIFA to promote a tournament of more interest than the World Cup.

The teams are divided into four leagues, according to their positions in the ranking of UEFA's elections. Thus, League A expects the great forces on the continent and League D, for example with the weaker teams. This first phase is played until November, with the choices facing each other within their respective groups belonging to their leagues. The winners of each group will play in the semifinals and the finals.

Uefa League of Nations does not replace the qualification for the Euro Cup but the top ranked Uefa qualifications, which have not qualified for the tournament and participated in the UEFA league, will be able to play a playoff to secure more four seats in the Euro Cup.

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