Thursday , December 3 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Audio teacher warned man was violent and feared for life | police

The brutal murder of 47-year-old teacher Joselita Félix da Silva, who took place last weekend in the city of Candeias do Jamari, raised the serious problem of violence against women in the state of Rondônia.

Often, crimes occur when the victim seeks justice through women's police station or relevant police agencies showing the government's vulnerability to effectively address the problem of these women.

A sound circulated on social networks points to the fear that Joselita had felt hours before her death. She says she had spoken to the police about the violence she had experienced with her former husband, but since she had no marks on her body, she was informed that she should seek women's police station.

Check out the sound below:

"I'm seriously thinking about quitting my security, I'm afraid that the man is strong, it took four police to keep him back last time"Joselita said in a sound sent to relatives.

The victim was to go to Women's Police Station on Monday (18), but had no time, it became a new record of a woman murdered by a former companion. Mobilizations in protest against violence against women are planned in several places in Porto Velho during the week.

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