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High corn, grain taxation and competition with mills aggravate the pig crisis

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The producers in Mato Grosso are facing a serious crisis caused by a shortage of maize in the region. With grain shortage, the grain has become more expensive and has damaged pigs. The sector asks for the government's immediate intervention by means of grain auctions, which are the basis of animal feed, present in 70% of the composition.

According to the association of pig producers of Mato Grosso (Acrismat), in January, the company requested the immediate opening of the Companhia Nacional de Abastecimento (Conab) auctions, but no measures have yet been taken.

The CEO of the company, Custódio Rodrigues, says that in some parts of the state, manufacturers have reported that the price of cereals increased by about 2%. 35%.

"We understand the issue of maize exports, we understand that the producer is part of the link between pigs and all livestock breeding chain. In some regions (price) it was usually about $ 22 and $ 23 and is already at $ 30 and $ 33. That makes us impossible, "he said.

According to Custodio, the producers slaughtered about 450 matrices of animals and reduced the number in half. In Sorriso, the association conducted a survey with Embrapa and found that small and large farms were negative in 2018. "People talk: Why don't you close? It doesn't close because the investment is too big," he says.

In Campo Verde, in the interior of the state, the value of the maize and the high production costs were some of the reasons for the pig producer Rodrigo Mores to change the focus on the fattening of piglets for reproduction. "Today, the price of corn is R 28 in the yard. This week I sold piglets at a basic price of $ 30, an account that doesn't close doesn't cover the cost," he says.

Other obstacles

The recent taxation of maize from the government of Mato Grosso and competition for the grain with the ethanol industry are some of the factors that worry the producer.

"Since there is this taxation and the production of ethanol, the maize producer will think twice. If they do not profit, they will not be planted. In pig breeding there is no way you can start today and stop tomorrow," Custodio says.

In another farm managed by pig chief Ricardo Luiz Stoffel, the demand for maize used for feed is also high. To feed 300 matrices, it takes at least 750 kg of corn a day, and does not count the piglets which consume approx. 400 grams to 1 kg of grain daily.

Last year the farm was red and had a loss of $ 160,000. The owner of the company has already said that he plans to close the yard if the situation does not improve.

"We already had some time when corn came to cost $ 35 a bag. The cost of a 20 kg piglet should not exceed $ 120, and the price goes from about $ 150 to $ 160," says Stoffel.

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