Friday , December 4 2020

It is #FAKE, who was accused of killing President Marielle Franco, living in Bolsonaro's house False or False

According to the final investigation by the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police of the Marielle case, Lessa lived in the 65/66 villa in Vivendas da Barra condominium in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio. The Bolsonaro houses in the same place are identified by the numbers 36 and 56.

The president's last asset statement available on the TSE's website shows two properties named Bolsonaro at Avenida Lúcio Costa, 3,100. The house at number 56 was bought for R $ 400,000 and the property 36 cost R $ 603.8 thousand. In this house, one of the President's sons lives, Rio de Janeiro's councilman Carlos Bolsonaro (PSC-RJ). In the second building, the president lived with his wife, daughter and death daughter before moving to Brasilia (DF).

The house, where Lessa lived for three years or so, is located at Rua C, the same place where the president lives. The address of the luxury apartment is described in the investigation of the civil police investigating the police. The document also states that the housing data was confirmed during telephone tapping and through extracts of energy consumption from supplier Light.

During a press conference of the day, Lessa was arrested, said Simone Sibílio, coordinator of the Special Action Group on Organized Crime (Gaeco) in the Rio de Janeiro Prosecutor (MP-RJ), that ex-policeman living next to the President "was a case, adding that" there is no fact that says there is any connection "between the two.

Ronnie Lessa was arrested on December 12 by Rio's murder office as author of the shootings that killed Marielle and Anderson. He is also being investigated by civilian police suspected of being one of the largest arms dealers in the state, after the Specialized Weapons, Ammunition and Explosives (Disarm) division found 117 rifles at Alexandre Motta da Silva's, a friend of Lessas. of 20 years.

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