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Jardine tips, confidence in vacancy and criticism of the board: Muricy opens the game about São Paulo | São Paulo

Muricy Ramalho, commentator for Grupo Globo and idol in São Paulo, opened the game at the poor Tricolor stage in a live participation at Tuesday.

In response to questions from surfers, the former coach said that André Jardine will have to completely change the team to continue in Libertadores when América, denied that he would be a coach again (but he would like to be co-ordinator) and said that the board is Pablo never called him coffee.

"I didn't get an invitation for coffee, that's the truth. I think my opinion is too bad for them," said the commentator.

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At Jardine, Muricy was stuck to the coach's attitude in the fight against Talleres in Cordoba.

– In this last game in Argentina, Jardine is lost a bit, it is something of a trainer who is scared. It's not critical, no, but he has to go through it, "added Muricy.

On Wednesday at. 9:30 in Morumbi, São Paulo hosts Talleres from Argentina. After losing 2-0 in the first leg in Cordoba, Tricolor must be able to win with three goal differences to move forward. If you win 2 to 0, the decision will be penalized.

Remember that the game between São Paulo and Talleres will have live broadcast on for the whole of Brazil. In addition, TV Globo transfers live to the states SP, RS, SC, PR, MG (smaller region Juiz de Fora), GO, TO, MS, MT, SE, AL, CE and PA.

See below key chat moments:

Muricy talks about commenting for the first time a game of São Paulo in Morumbi

Muricy talks about commenting for the first time a game of São Paulo in Morumbi

Decision against workshops

– You need to change the style of the game and the pieces. It doesn't answer. Sao Paulo does not win and does not play well. The last two games were hard to see the Sao Paulo game. The speech is very cool, but when you go to practice it, you hear people can't see. São Paulo has to change completely because it is necessary to win the game.

Muricy, about São Paulo: "her =" "= =" "= =" "= =" "" = = "" style =

Muricy, in São Paulo: "You have to change the style of the game and the pieces"

– Morumbi, Libertadores, is another championship. São Paulo fans are completely different, will push, there is no way players do not feel it. And another: player in great time must be pushed himself so that the guy reinvents himself, does not settle.

Jardine's future and afternoon tea

– She's hard (Jardine's situation). It's not good here to say no, it's okay. He knows more than we do. And I know how it works in there. There are afternoon tea that is very hard, which drops coach. Jardine knows that. What I think is that the board at first had to have more conviction. São Paulo loses a great player coach. If he leaves, he will lose. Must have a little more time there.

Muricy less about "ch =" "da =" "afternoon =" "no =" "morumbi =" "e =" "d =

Muricy remembers "afternoon tea" in Morumbi and gives Jardine advice in São Paulo

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– In the last game in Argentina, Jardine has lost a little. It is a trainer thing that is terrified. It is not critical, no, but it is necessary to get through it. As he changes and draws the depth and puts Everton to the right, Pablo brings to the left, knocking Pablo out. Ali was nervous, he was lost a little. It is not a lack of knowledge. It was that he felt the pressure and was nervous.

Muricy Coach? No. But coordinator …

– After I stopped football, I went to Barcelona, ​​wanted to know the success, to see the administrative part and I cheered up a bit. Only time went by and I was invited by SporTV, a news for me. But the guys made me so comfortable that I enjoy it. I like people to feel good, I like people. I'm happy here now. I don't know (to return to São Paulo). I didn't even get an invitation for coffee, that's the truth. I think my opinion is too bad for them. At that moment, I don't see a situation of returning now because I had no sign of anything, a hug, no one says anything. We can only hope for improvements. Coach, I don't want anymore, I've already done my part. Now I can help with the coach, not near the track, close to the track.

Muricy does not exclude taking office in Sao Paulo football

Muricy does not exclude taking office in Sao Paulo football

Jardine has a thought, but this thinking does not go into the field. He likes a quick team, but São Paulo is a slow team. He likes to have a ball, but Sao Paulo is a team that doesn't play well. He likes team packs, but São Paulo is very stretched. The speech should not practice. He has to work it out. You have to figure out how to play. If you want to be a quick team, put the boys Helinho, Antony. I feel he is not happy, he is bothered. The worst thing for the coach is when he is sent away and leaves with the feeling that he left without doing the things he wanted. The coach is crazy. Therefore, I say to him, "Do what you must do."

Muricy: "= =" "= =" "= =" "= =" "= =" "= =

Muricy: "Jardine's thinking does not enter the field"

"Hernanes is not in the top you can tell. In the game in Argentina, he played in socks and was very much left. Then he doesn't feel good. In those last games he didn't go in the area. If he plays in half, he must get into the area so Pablo is not alone, if the team needs speed, depth, the ball must start with Hernanes.São Paulo plays with two short passers, one passes to the side, the pass must be Hernanes & # 39; The ball does not reach himBy having a conversation with Hernanes, he is a mentally perfect guy, physically very strong, can play anywhere.

Muricy says he would scale Hernanes as a midfielder, but says: "n =" "est =" "no =" "boom ="

Muricy says he wants to increase Hernanes as a midfielder, but says, "It's not high priority"

Will São Paulo qualify?

I think. First because the game is in Morumbi. The fans love the competition. And the opponent is nothing like that. But it's an Argentine team that is 2-0 ahead. Basketball when you are 20 points behind, you can not take it in a basket. You must score a goal and then another. If not, start hurrying and you may have a surprise. São Paulo has to take the risk but not disorganized. It's not in a hurry. It is organized, but intense.

Muricy says the cast of São Paulo should be charged: "some =" "est =" "doing =" "pout = ="

Muricy says the São Paulo cast should be charged: "Some are pouting"

What would your lecture be?

"Next, if we don't win, I'll fall and you'll be sent away soon." So we have to win the game. This is reality. Put your ass on the ground, you need to be strong, you have to win everything, they can't play more than São Paulo in Morumbi. Here to win, make history. I want to be there, I comment, I will cheer, but have to give a little more.

– They have correctly brought Carlinhos Neves (physical trainer) who works with him. Of course, you need to know how his heart is. But he is a trainer who is used to this type of work and is used to a team that is not well emotional. He set up the team. So it's an interesting name, but you need to see how his health is.

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