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Learn to investigate products and avoid fake prices on Black Friday in 2018


Learn how to investigate products and avoid fake prices on Black Friday in 2018. Fever in the country since 2010, Black Friday is always on the last Friday of November. But to ensure a good deal at the time of purchase, the secret is to start tracking the products immediately. The day, an important alliance of trade to increase sales with part of the payment of the 13th salary, is criticized by consumers who observe makeup on prices.

According to experts, it is important to control anxiety and start monitoring the values, terms of sale and product specifications. Many companies make up the price so that goods look cheaper. That is, they go up in value the day before and go down on the anniversary date as if it was an offer. This practice is considered misleading advertising and the establishment can be punished.

"It's not uncommon for traders to take advantage of the liquidation gimmick to market as promotional items with prices similar to those outdated or who have been priced high shortly before to simulate a larger discount. This practice is called pricing and can be considered misleading advertising and creation which assumes it can be punished, "explains Christian Printes, lawyer of the Brazilian Consumer Protection Institute (Idec).

To protect yourself from abuse, it's easy to examine the price of the product in at least three different locations in advance. Another important recommendation is to check the store's reputation.

According to Idec, the consumer should save the brochure or take a print screen with demonstration of the product, value and also with link information, company name, date and time when the research was done. This way it can check if the offer has actually been met.

Marcos Freitas, Planning and Strategic Consultant for TopperMinds, a company that designs digital business and solutions, estimates that company reputation should be observed:

"It's important to look at the list that Procon-SP releases annually from websites to be avoided through the electronic address", explains Freitas.

Learn how to avoid pitfalls

Start looking at price comparators like Zoom and Buscapé. They offer a chart showing price history in the last 40 days or six months to prevent the customer from buying the product for "half a dozen".

– Black Friday is more diluted in November. It will not only happen on Friday, but during the week or even earlier. And often the best offer is not on Friday and yes before. So if a product that the person wants to buy when the expected price before Friday, the chance is that they will not lower the price later.

"Shops, especially large online retailers, create many" lightning strikes ". Sometimes they are worth, but always check the same product in other stores.

Many retailers use email to advertise discounts on Black Friday, some to exclusive discounts. So it pays to sign up for some newsletters and keep an eye.

– But be careful when you click on emails with offers that are not to be missed. Before you click, be suspicious. You may be a victim of fraud

– Apps from retailers can also be a great way for consumers to stay informed and receive first-time notifications of Black Friday offers. Many business owners make exclusive Black Friday campaigns for anyone buying via the app.

– View the complaint Here it is recommended to check the company's reputation.

– When buying in smaller stores, consumers should prefer those who have a type of payment system such as PagSeguro, PayPal or MercadoPago, as there is another intermediary in the purchasing process that can ensure the security of customer data.

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