Thursday , May 13 2021

Maxi López is outside the duel between Vasco and Atlético-PR

Attempting to avoid its fourth closure in 10 years, Vasco has a nasty news for this Wednesday game against Atlético-PR. According to FOX Sports journalist Fabio Azevedo, Maxi López is out of the duel because of a foot injury suffered during the clash with Grêmio on Sunday (11).

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The center forward had a deep cut on the right foot and took 7 points on the spot. Last Monday (12), the Argentine went to a hospital to verify the severity of the trauma and underwent tests that eliminated suspicion of fracture.

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According to the information, Maxi can also be out of the match against the Corinthians, next weekend in São Paulo.

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The medical department in crossmaltino chose to wear the athlete's foot because the risk of opening the score is very high. If this were to happen, a new suture could not be made and the recovery time would be longer, with experience forward from Brasileiro's last stretch.

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Photo credits: Rafael Ribeiro / Vasco

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